Extra Extra Magazine Playlists

The first YouTube search result of Empty Pools by Shlohmo shows VHS footage of adolescent boys skateboarding empty pools and irrigation canals of the island of Honolulu. The sun-drenched scenery in the video – an excerpt from the ’94 skateboard movie Children of June – matches the moony lap slide guitar tones and the sounds of the ocean that echo along in the mixtape. Sultry voices and languid tunes alternate in tidal patterns, over recordings of waves rolling onto a beach, or over sound effects simulating that tranquilizing audio of the sea. White noise repeatedly increases and decreases. Bubbles emerge from underwater as a result of Joe Meek’s kitchen sink recording methods. When night falls on an island shore, the sea withdraws as a harp softly plays.

As your racing heart rate gradually calms down, enchanting voices resonate over intoxicating and lingering instrumentals. They speak of hollow bodies and unwed virgins, evoking cinematic phantasms. Bauhaus Peter Murphey’s reverberating words call forth Tod Browning’s count Dracula. Joanna Newsom’s voice-over, provided with a strikingly appealing expression of vocal fry, recalls Inherent Vices drifted off character of Shasta Fay Hepworth. Tuxedomoon’s saxophone prefaces Audrey Horn seductively moving her body across the Double R Diner. Finally, irrevocably, Nico will slow your heartbeat further down to a stop.

When reminiscing a journey into the Sahara desert, my memories are supplemented with a musical score. Landscapes transforming from dusty villages into gravel plains before gliding into an extensive setting of sand dunes, layered with repetitively alternating male and female verses over Amazigh guitar melodies and keyboard rhythms. Passionate lovers’ voices forcefully trying to express their sentiment through the electronic suppression of auto-tune. As we were driving up and down a countless number of slopes, Mustafa’s cell phone connected to the four-wheel drive’s sound system blasted the soundtrack onto my recollection of our expedition.